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Why Games Based Assessments are Changing the Way Companies Recruit

It’s a candidates market out there just now and as such, finding the right hires is becoming increasingly challenging for companies. It is therefore important to ‘think outside the box’ and start to introduce new elements to your recruitment campaign, if you want to improve your efforts. Game based assessments are one way to entice candidates to apply to your vacancies and also to improve the overall candidate journey. If you are not using games based assessments in your recruitment strategy, it is time to give it consideration and these are just some of the reasons why!


Increase engagement

If you want to get fresh graduates on board, game based assessments are definitely the way to do it! With over 70% of young people checking their phones almost as soon as they wake up and the number of mobile gamer reaching 2 billion, it makes sense to use mobile games as a medium. If you want to increase engagement with the younger audience, games based assessments are the way to go.


Improve brand awareness

What do candidates think of your company and what do you want them to think? Maybe you’d like to change their impression or just improve your brand awareness. If the candidates start the application process by playing a game, they will begin to consider your business as innovative, fun, refreshing and high tech. The use of game based assessments is increasing and there’s no better time to start incorporating it into your recruitment strategy. As the 2017 APAC Candidate Experience Award ‘s revealed, if candidates have a good experience during the recruitment process, they will be “extremely likely to refer other candidates.” If you want to improve your brand awareness and drive more candidates to your business, an innovative approach such as using games based assessments is the way to do it.


Better selection

Have you ever questioned the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts? Are you really getting the results you want? If not, it is time to make some changes! Game based assessments allow you to gather personality data and combine these together with your other HR metrics to make better selections. This means candidates who fit with the company culture, suit the role and have a clear understanding of what the role will entail. The result of this is better retention levels and higher morale.


At Haneo, we use psychometrics, together with gamifications to help improve the recruitment process and engage candidates. With our game based assessments, candidates get both an enjoyable experience and the opportunity to try something new. This makes it easier for employers to make smarter recruitment decisions by finding candidates who are the best fit for the organisation, by analysing their behaviour. With our game based assessments, you can increase both your candidate pool and increase your retention levels. Get in touch to find out more today!

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