Game Based Assessments – The Evolution of Psychometric Testing

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“You’ve got to be forward thinking to stay ahead of the game”

Recruitment is a hassle isn’t it? It adds to your workload and in the end, the candidate leaves and you end up back to square one! Psychometric testing can be used, but it’s debatable how reliable this is.
The question business leaders need to ask is, why do they leave? And generally, the answer will be that they simply weren’t right for the job. Is there any real, reliable way to determine suitability?
It is difficult to ascertain the suitability of an employee based on the interview alone. You can ask the right questions to determine whether or not they have the skills and whether they are likeable, but you can’t really identify whether the candidates will be a good culture fit within the organisation.
This is why many companies have chosen to introduce psychometric testing into the recruitment process, as this can help ensure the candidate’s suitability – both for the role and the organisation as a whole.

What is psychometric testing?
Psychometric tests generally come in the form of aptitude and personality tests, which are used to evaluate the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Aptitude tests may be used to determine numerical and verbal reasoning knowledge, while personality tests, generally, look at how the candidate reacts to different situations. There is usually no right or wrong answer to the personality test, but it gives the company a clearer insight into whether the candidate will be working towards the same goals of the organisation and how they will get on with current employees.
According to the Association of Graduate Recruiters, 92% of the UK employers surveyed found that psychometric testing was important for the recruitment process and ensuring the right hire. In fact, psychometric testing is so effective that you can find countless websites which advise candidates on how to cheat the tests.

The evolution
Although psychometric tests can be highly effective as a recruitment tool, they are not particularly enjoyable for candidates, for several reasons.

  • It’s been done – candidates are fed up with them, they are not original anymore.
  • They are dull – general psychometric testing is not something candidates look forward to. They are long and don’t hold interest for candidates.
  • Unreliable – most importantly, they are not reliable. Candidates can quite easily find out how to cheat them. There are plenty of online resources which advise candidates how to do this.
  • Ineffective – the unreliable nature of the traditional psychometric testing makes them ineffective, so pointless to use as part of the recruitment process.

On the other hand, game based assessments offer something unique and far more beneficial for the recruitment process. Game based assessments have all the benefits of the traditional psychometric tests, but are the next generation in psychometric testing. They can help determine numerical and verbal abilities, as well as personality traits, but the difference is that they are more innovative and enjoyable for the candidate.

  • Reliability – With game based assessments, candidates have no idea what the recruiter is looking for, they don’t know what they are being tested on, so there’s no possible way to cheat.
  • Improve employer brand – they are innovative, new and different – candidates enjoy using them and this can help improve the brand of the employer, making recruitment far easier.

If you want to start making smarter recruitment decisions which can be much more cost effective for your business, get in touch with us to see how we can help. At Haneo, we develop bespoke programs around game based assessments to increase reliability of psychometric evaluation. Contact us at [email protected]

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