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James Daniels: Is gamification a game changer in human resources?

2017-11-03 Author: Fang Yi Source: mai point networks Translated from
Chinese – please find original version http://m.meadin.com/details/1/1/147684?from=groupmesssage!isappinstalled=0

(Stepang Reuters Fangyi) On November 3, 2017, hosted by Best Eastern, Best Eastern HR Commune, First Education, Mega Point and Qiao Bang Headhunter jointly organised the “2017 Best Eastern Summit Forum and the fourth Travel Services Awards Ceremony “in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City International Convention Center.

At this summit, James Daniels, Managing Director of Haneo Talent Limited, shared his keynote address on “Gamification in Human Resources: Gimmick or Game Changer?”

James Daniels presented the recruitment status quo – very frustrated job applicants, job opportunities not equal, traditional data not accurate because of human bias.

The data shows that introducing gamification into the learning platform has increased 66% in terms of site visits, 30% in response rates and 500% in product reviews; the gamification of interfaces makes online training easy, attractive, increasing completion rates by 150% in 2 months in the presented case.
At the same time, the use of game-based learning platforms in business training can increase the completion rate of the platform. For example, the completion rate of the Gameleam platform reaches 92%, while that of the traditional E-leaming course is only 25% and the MOOCs is only 6-10% Completion rate.

Gamification can also be used in the hiring process, based on the game’s recruitment platform application interface. Although the task feels like a “real game”, it is a full psychological evaluation based on the collection of 5,000 data points to measure the behaviour of candidates around 6 job relevant trait categories: cognitions, emotions, interpersonal style, thinking style and ability to deliver results.

The game is used to measure and predict the future success in the role and determine whether the candidate is suitable for the position.

The latest school move by Japan’s Dentsu introduced gamification, and one of the candidates commented: “This is the most interesting psychometric game in history.

Is this a gimmick or a game changer in the industry as a result of gamification’s access to human resources? In this regard, James Daniels believes that gimmicks can only be eye-catching and scientific applications can bring about change.¬†Gamification mechanism applied to the recruitment, apparently a scientific application.¬†In addition, gamification of psychological assessment can also be applied to the travel service industry because the value of GBAs for the travel services industry lies in attracting, engaging, measuring, understanding, retaining and developing talents.

Finally, James Daniels concludes: “It is our responsibility and mission to introduce a scientific approach to hiring decisions and bring satisfaction to both employers and employees.”

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