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Employer brand 

The term ‘employer brand’ focuses on how you are perceived as an employer – what your employees think of your business. You may have a positive brand with consumers but your employees may not share this positive view. In a competitive market, it is important to have a strong employer brand, as this is what will help you both attract and retain talented individuals. Without a positive employer brand, you are likely to find your recruitment efforts extremely challenging.

“Your employer brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”

The challenges

There is a high demand for candidates and with an increasing number of candidates constantly on the lookout for better opportunities, it can be difficult to get your hiring process right. Data from the job site Indeed, shows that 42% of job seekers are frustrated with long applications. Candidates often also feel that the whole process is the one way; they provide input but get very little back. The data demonstrates the strong need to make the application process as enjoyable as possible and this is why recruitment games; one of the most innovative methods can be a highly effective tool for recruiting talent. After playing the game, the candidate receives an instant report defining their personality, strengths and weaknesses, with some careers advice. This can make them feel much more involved in the hiring process, engaged with the brand, and valued.


Alternative approach

Recruitment games can be used by companies to give applicants a more interactive way (and enjoyable) way to apply for jobs. What could be more enjoyable than playing a game after all! Many companies use recruitment games as a way of putting the candidate in the role and finding out how they will react to certain situations. Many have found this method to be far more effective than filling out application forms. An example of this is Deloitte, who use a game based assessment as part of their selection process. The game based assessment received positive feedback and candidates felt that Deloitte were being innovative, engaging and ahead of the game. The report at the end reveals how the game works and what it has been looking for. There were only positive outcomes for the application process for Deloitte. Studies showed that it enhanced social and gender diversity, there was an overall increase of 126% in applications, a reduced drop out rate – from 12% to 2% and increased engagement – 70% of candidates were more excited to work for Deloitte after playing the game.

Your brand story

A good way to promote and grow your brand is through story telling and this is an approach many companies have adopted. Your story telling will give candidates a good insight into your business and will help encourage them to apply to work there. For example, the culture of the company, the type of employees who work there and the benefits of working for the company. There are many different methods you can use for the purpose of story telling. These may include podcasts, which are a good way of spreading the word about your company, in digital audio format. You can use podcasts to tell candidates about your company and the hiring process. Podcasts can be much more effective for getting the message across than other forms of content.

Social media is, of course, essential these days for building your brand. With 1, 870 million users of Facebook, 317 million using Twitter and 300 million using Snapchat, it would be crazy not to incorporate social media into your employer brand. Snapchat is a good way to show candidates around your business and it can be a highly effective recruitment tool. Let’s look at some examples of companies who use Snapchat and the overall effectiveness of this.

McDonalds – the global company is using video ads to appeal to the younger generation. The videos contain snippets from employees about working for the company and candidates.

Taco Bell – this company use Snapchat for hiring interns. As part of their employer branding, they choose current interns to talk about working for the company and how to apply. Within a few days of ‘snapping’, the company received 200 applications, so it must work!

In-person events are also still commonplace as an effective way to hire talent. Attending career fairs and other recruiting events gives employers the opportunity to discuss the company face to face with candidates and encourage them to apply or leave their details, then and there.

Live videos are also a good way for companies to show candidates inside the business and what goes on daily. It can give candidates a better understanding of whether it looks like a place they would enjoy working.

Many candidates will want to find out more about what it’s actually like working for an employer, straight from the horse’s mouth. This is why employee reviews can be so effective. If candidates think others are enjoying working there, they will be much more likely to apply. Facebook and Glassdoor are popular ways for candidates to share their experiences, both of working for the company and their experience of the application process. An extract from Forbes revealed that ‘60% of job seekers had a bad candidate experience and ⅓ shared this online. These poor reviews can discourage candidates from applying, but not only this, it can also turn away potential customers.

It could be said that one of the most effective ways to promote your brand is through recruitment games. These are a more innovative and fun way for candidates to apply and can be much more effective for screening candidates than other methods. Candidates can really explore the role and the business and what better way to do it than through playing a game. It is a more hands on approach to applying for a job and it has shown to be effective, both for candidates and employers.

Do you have a strong employer brand?

So, how do you know if your employer brand is positive? There are various metrics you can use, but it is important to measure these on a regular basis.

  • Retention Levels – do you have low retention levels? If so, it may be that your employer brand is not reflective of the reality of working in your company. It is important that your employer brand is accurate, otherwise employees will be unhappy and will probably leave in the end. Either change the way you work or change the branding to be more reflective of your business.
  • Applications – are you getting a good volume of applications? If not, it may be that candidates either don’t know much about your brand or don’t have a positive view of it. A low response rate means your employer brand is ineffective, so it may be time to make some changes.

Candidate experience – are candidates getting anything back during the application process? For example, with game based assessments the candidate receives a report on the findings of the process, so they feel they are getting something back and thus, become more engaged with the company.

It is important to get your employer brand right if you want to make better hiring decisions and attract top talent into your business. If you want to build your employer brand by using more innovative hiring tools, get in touch with us to see how we can help.Contact us at [email protected].



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