Until the last decade, candidates interested in an opportunity were expected to submit a resume and wait patiently by the phone for a response.

Today, hiring is a faster process, replaced by email and professional networking sites. However, documents and profiles only tell us so much, and when an employment decision is made, it is set in stone. Wrong hiring choices are expensive and bad for business, and an unscrupulous candidate with the know-how of keywords, body language or professional profiles can influence a hiring decision.

Game-based recruitment from Haneo is the future, but it is a result of evolution from the past – originating from the psychometric paper-based assessments of the early twentieth century, designed to measure intelligence, to the early computer age and a much more mainstream and error-free form of candidate testing, at a time when more than just intelligence began to be measured, with personality questionnaires ascertaining behaviour, character and attitudes. Now, we have gamification, a method combining everything we have learned, with the added power of big data, allowing the measurement of attributes with an extraordinarily high level of accuracy, offering:

  • A level of insight into people that traditional methods cannot compete with
  • A simplified recruitment process that ensures your candidate is right for your company, at every level
  • A modern, cost-effective way to ensure the right candidate is always chosen